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All of our COVID-19 secure measures remain in place and this will not change when Government guidance changes on 19 July 2021.

Patients are asked to continue to wear a face covering, unless they are exempt, and to follow social distancing when visiting our GP Practice. 

This follows the national Infection Prevention Control (IPC) Guidance for all healthcare settings and will help to ensure the safety of our staff and patients at all times.

Thank you for your continued support.


At this mornings meeting with the CCG yet again no news on future delivery dates nor any movement on allowing us to move down the cohort. So we are stuck in limbo land as i call it, we are unable to move forward nor plan any future clinics at this moment in time.
This is just as frustrating for us as it is for you all.
We have enquiries in with different organisations at the moment to try and push for information on vaccine stock delivery for either week commencing 8th Mar or 15th Mar.
I really hope tomorrow brings better news for both of us.
until tomorrow. Have a good evening.COVID


I will try to keep it short and sweet tonight.
Following on from yesterday's update where we stated that we had invited the remainder of cohort 6 (the 18-34 yrs old) i still had a few patients in this age range to invite as the booking system would not let me complete the full upload of data yesterday. I can now confirm that everyone registered at Almond Road Surgery in cohort 6 have been invited.
If you have received an invite you can now book into the vaccination clinics for next week. Our delivery of vaccine for next week is small so this means we only have enough vaccine to run the vaccine hub for 1 day, which is Friday 5 Mar 2021.
Please if you have been invited grab yours quick as we don't know when the next delivery will be.
As always keep safe and i will see you all again tomorrow for the next update.


Well its monday and i am still working. Although this update is thankfully my last task of the day.
So what's new i hear you ask? Well i do have something new to say today which makes a nice change
Extra invites have gone out for Cohort 6 today. The reason for this is Thursday clinic this week still has spaces. The PCN today took the decision to invite the remaining patients in cohort 6. For Almond Road Surgery this was the 18-34yr olds with underlying illnesses.
I know there has been lots of controversy / discussion of people saying i know someone who is younger than me who has no underlying illnesses and they have had an invite, its not fair where is mine. I would like to try and explain a bit how cohort 6 works and it is quite complicated. There is an algorithm that includes past medical problems, current chronic diseases, age, sex, ethnicity, demographics, deprivation, hospital records and a whole lot more. The algorithm identifies a patient as falling into the cohort for something that may seem trivial to the untrained eye but in medical terms if that patient was to contract covid they would be at a much higher risk of complications than someone else who doesn't fall into the algorithm.
Even we who are clinical and used to understanding things like this are still working on getting our head around it. So please just except that the powers that be who built this algorithm with their knowledge and expertise know what they are doing. They also have taken all the data and knowledge they have accrued over the last year with how covid works and how people react to it and then applied this also to the algorithm.
Future Deliveries - well we have a delivery for week beginning 1.3.2021 but it is very small. As yet we have not worked out which cohorts we will be inviting. Once i know more i will let you all know.
I have tried to explain this all as best i can because it really is so complex / complicated. Please may i request that people do not't ask me questions regarding specific patients as i cant go into each one as i sadly just do not have the time to answer them all. I wish i did as i would personally like to help you all but i am starting to get inundated with questions of this nature.
thanks everyone, catch you all again tomorrow.


Well i am back for one final update this week before i have tomorrow off to put my feet up and rest my mind.
Do i have anything new for you? simple answer is No and i hate saying that as i so wish i did.
There is one thing i can clarify today.
Early Years Workers - Do they or dont they currently qualify for a covid vaccine?
Simple answer is No. Unless they fall into cohort 1-4 or cohort 6 already. I know there has been some misinformation given to the early years workers so i thought I should clarify this for them. This was discussed at today's webinar.
I will update you all again monday when from my long weekend.
Please Keep staying safe and book your appointment for next week if you have already received an invite please.
Thanks everyone


Hi all, well another slow day in news land. I am finding it so frustrating as we just want to get on and move down the cohorts as fast as we can and right now we are held back by deliveries and no information coming down the line.
Cohort 6 is turning out to be a nightmare. As the searches to bring patients into this cohort keep are their eligibility criteria changes almost daily at the minute as NHSE / PRIMIS fine turn who should or should not be in the search. It all down to coding issues.
Cohort 6 is NOT the same as the flu cohort we found out. It has its own criteria and we must stick to it or else sort of thing.
So sadly all the asthmatics patients who would have been eligible for flu are not necessarily eligible for Covid vaccine.
The exact extract from the eligibility for asthma in cohort 6 says the following
An individual with a more severe case of asthma may have been included in the Clinically Extremely Vulnerable group, in which case they will be vaccinated in group 4.
People with asthma which requires continuous or repeated use of systemic steroids or with previous exacerbations requiring hospital admission, will be vaccinated in priority group 6.
This will include:
• anyone who has ever had an emergency asthma admission or;
• those who have an asthma diagnosis and have had 3 prescriptions for oral steroids over a 3-month period (each prescription must fall within separate individual month windows), as an indication of repeated or continuous oral steroids.
Hope this help clarifies things for our asthmatic patients out there who thought they would fall into cohort 6 but in reality don't.


Please read the following very carefully.
We now have just one delivery of vaccine coming in week commencing 22 Feb 2021.
We have limited stock supply so we have had to very strict with who will be invited to the vaccine clinics for that week. We can not at this time offer an invite to everyone in this particular cohort We have had to limit the number of patients we invite to just 500 patients who are registered with us here at Almond Road Surgery.
Therefore our PCN has taken the decision to invite the oldest 500 first within this cohort for each of the 5 practices in the our PCN.
So here is the complicated bit - please don't jump the gun. and only partially read the following.
If you are a patient of Almond Road Surgery and have had an invite today or over the weekend then you have been invited.
If not then please do not ring the surgery and try to book / request an appointment.
Yes we have moved on to a new cohort.
The group invited is - Almond Road Surgery patients who are over 46 years of age BUT THEY MUST ALSO BE IN COHORT 6
COHORT 6 = "All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality"
If you are over 46 and not in cohort 6 then you are not eligible at this time under the cohort 6 invites. If you are 46-49 you do not fall into any of the governments currently published cohorts and we do not know when you will be eligible or how you will be invited.
thank you for reading all of this post.
Have a good weekend everyone.


I really wish i had something to be able to update you with. We get promised information by a set date and the CCG inform us they have not received it yet so cant pass anything on to us and in return i then cant pass anything on to you our patients. So sorry we don't have any new information for you today.
Let's hope tomorrow brings we get something new that we can then pass on to you our patients.
I will be back tomorrow to let you know if we know anything more.
sleep tight everyone.


I know you are all so eager to know if we have been advised of the number of vaccine and the exact delivery dates for the next 2 weeks. Sadly we are still playing the waiting game for the CCG to update us.
We still don't know which cohort we are to be instructed to move onto next. The CCG will advice us of which cohort we can start as we have to have permission we cant just move down the cohorts without it.
All practices in our PCN are chomping at the bit for this information as we just want to plan the next clinics, to man them and start inviting patients. It is like we are are the start line all primed to go and the have not fired the starting pistol and we have been there for hours days 😄
I really wish i could give you more information but we have nothing more than what i have included above. As normal once i know more i will of course let you all know.
Until tomorrow, keep staying safe.


Just a quick one tonight as there is no change from yesterday.
I am now on annual leave until Tuesday 9.2.21 when i will be back in the office. There is a early meeting with the CCG on Tuesday morning so i hope to be able to update you with some news as a result.
Due to me having a couple of days off there will be no daily updates until Tuesday. Hope you understand as i am escaping to rest from this for a few days.
Keep staying safe and keep each other safe to.


Well another day has gone by with more meeting and more planning to enhance the smooth running of future clinics.
We have been ironing out some wrinkle for the staff manning the vaccine hubs to ensure they get proper breaks and a lunch break which has not been easy so far. So we feel this needs to be built into to future clinics for staff welfare. This should not reduce the overall number of patients we can immunise in one day or impact our service provision at the vaccine hubs.
News from the CCG and NHSE has been very slim today. At the lunchtime webinar nothing new really came out. It was primarily about computer entries to remove patients off the invite list if they declined or simply did not answer their phone after 8 attempts for example. We can now take these off the invite list so staff do not have to repeatedly keep trying these patients. Also if a patient declines we too can now take them off the invite list. Why is this an important exercise? NHSE / CCG will not allow us or the country as a whole to move on to cohort 5 onwards until we have done nearly 100% of each cohort. So the more we can remove from the invite list the better, because if they are still on the invite list NHSE / CCG take those figures as patients needing vaccinating. Less on the list for all practices means NHSE will allow us to move down the cohorts. So therefore the smaller the lists and the more people we can remove from them the sooner we can start vaccinating again as we will be allowed to move on down the cohorts, well that is the hope anyway.
2nd Jabs were discussed - these are still planned for 12 weeks after the first vaccination and people will have to go to the same place they received their 1st vaccination and will be invited the same way they were for their 1st. So if you for example went to Stevenage for yours, you will have to go back to Stevenage for your 2nd. You sadly can not have your 2nd done at a different place so that rules you out of being able to have it done at the Little Paxton Hub if you didn't have your 1st one there.
Next Vaccine Delivery - well as we know their will definately be no deliveries to our PCN before 15.2.2021. So what about after that? Currently the CCG does not know what the position is on which cohorts can be done after 15.2.2021. So this holds everything up for us and other PCNs because until we know what cohorts can be done we cant plan and nor can vaccines be delivered due to cohorts 1-4 being the government's current focus. We really hope some information comes down soon as General Practice feel stuck as many practices have vaccine stock in their fridge but the government / NHSE insistence on only cohorts 1-4 prevents us from using these vaccines at this time. Which is so frustrating as all Doctors surgeries just want to get on with the job and not be prevented from doing so by to red tape and strictly adhered to guidance.
So i will wind it up for today and hopefully have something tomorrow but i suspect it will still be just as all quiet.
have a good evening everyone.


Hi, sorry for the late night update but i have only just finished working and thought i better update you all before i close down my pc for the night.
In the meeting this morning the CCG informed us that we will NOT be receiving a vaccine delivery for this week and for next week. The reason is that we have flown through cohorts 1-4 and did large chunk of cohort 5 already. So definitely no deliveries for our PCN until after 15 Feb 2021.
Over the next 2 weeks our PCN will be looking to complete a mop up of patients registered with Almond Road Surgery, buckden & Little Paxton surgery & Kimbolton Surgery who fall into cohorts 1-4. this is to get the patients who have not responded to either their phone call or the sms invites. If we have large enough numbers the CCG have said they may be able to source us a small amount of vaccine to do a mini clinic for these patients.
Housebound Patients - still no update from CPFT as to when they will be starting to do these. Sorry.
That's it for today, have a nice evening everyone.


We have no further information to give you today as nothing has changed from Friday's update.
Still no news on our next vaccine delivery, so we don't know when the next clinics will be. We have a meeting with the CCG tomorrow morning in which we hope to find out more information on the likelihood of our next vaccine delivery. We think the next delivery will be tied to which cohorts the CCG / NHSE say we can deliver at present and that is still cohorts 1-4. As you all know we have had to go to cohort 5 already to use last weeks vaccine delivery but i doubt the CCG / NHSE will let us move any further down the cohorts.
So i will leave it there for today and hopefully i will have more information for you tomorrow after the meeting.
Stay Safe and Stay Warm

COVID-19 VACCINE - UPDATE 29.1.2021 (2)

There is nothing to update you all on today. As we have received no new information to pass on to you.
WE have we received no emails from the CCG and nor has our PCN received anything about possible future vaccine delivery dates that i am aware of.
So for now we are assuming we have next week off from vaccinating our patients. Which from our point of view is great news as it give us a chance to catch our breath and take the chance to recharge our batteries ready to plan future clinics.
If we get a surprise delivery of course i will keep you all updated.
Enjoy your weekend everybody.


We are putting a plea out to people who are NOT REGISTERED with Almond Road Surgery, Buckden & Little Paxton Surgery & Kimbolton Surgery to please stop ringing Little Paxton Surgery trying to get a vaccination.
Little Paxton Surgery has been inundated with people trying to book vaccinations from all over the country this morning.
I know people are desperate to get their jab but this is causing a major headache at Little Paxton today.


We still have appointment slots available for tomorrow at the Little Paxton hub so if you are registered with Almond Road Surgery, Buckden & Little Paxton Surgery or Kimbolton Surgery and are over 65 years of age please if you have not booked already then please do so now. We really don't want any doses going to waste. Also if you are a shielding patient and have not booked yours yet either then please do so.
If you wish to decline and you really do not wish to have the vaccine at all then please ring the surgery to let us know so we can take you off the invite list. This will prevent us from continuing to chase you to book your appointment.
Future Clinics - At the minute our PCN is ahead of the majority of PCNs in regards to the cohorts we have invited and immunised. We had to move onto cohort 5 in order to use our vaccine stock for this week and not let it go to waste. Why are we so far ahead? This is largely due to the massive delivery of vaccine we had last week. This means we are have finished cohorts 1-4 way before the deadline of 15 Feb 2021. So what does this mean for our future vaccine deliveries? As other PCNs have not completed their cohorts 1 to 4 the vaccine stock is being diverted to allow them to finish cohorts 1 to 4 by 15 Feb 2021. As present we do not know when our next delivery is and we think the likelihood is we will probably not get a vaccine delivery next week for the reasons mentioned above. But its still watch this space as no delivery for next week has not been confirmed by the CCG.
We are pretty confident that the CCG will not approve a move to invite cohort 6 at present. So we just need to see what vaccine comes our way and when and update our patients accordingly.
Please don't think we have ground to a halt with vaccinating our patients. We are just potentially on a little pause as we have reached cohort 5 in an amazingly short space of time. We are ahead of the game so to speak. So we need to allow other patients in other PCN who are in cohort 1-4 to be done before we start moving further down the cohorts.
Have a good evening everyone. As always keep safe everyone.


Sadly we received some more bad news about our vaccine delivery for this week changing yet again.
So all hands to the deck to adjust everything once again to allow to delivery vaccination sessions on a now even more reduced vaccine delivery this week.
We are now down to 1950 vaccines being delivered for the two hubs of Alconbury & Little Paxton. Meaning we have gone from our original delivery of 5100 to our now confirmed delivery of 1950. Which will give us between 975 to 1130 doses per site depending on how many vials we manage to get the 6th extra dose out of.
The Little Paxton Hub will now only be vaccinating 2 days this week on Thursday & Friday.
Each day this week our delivery has changed and we have to re-organise ourselves all over again. I can quite frankly say its been a nightmare and a bit like groundhog day as we are repeating the same work we did the day before to deal with all the changes. Its been a very time consuming exercise at our end.
Please bear with us we are doing our best in the circumstances. We have found the 2nd week of vaccines far more challenging logistically than the 1st week due to the daily last minute changes to our number we are getting.
We are sorry to disappoint patients who were hoping to get an invite this week but this has totally been out of our control.
All invites for this week's clinics have now all gone out.


Today has been a bit of a crazy day. We were told our PCN was getting this many vaccines, then we were told no you're not getting this many but you still are getting some, it will just be a lot less now. Then came another message saying sorry now you might not be getting all the ones we said you were getting when we told you were getting less.
So currently we have planned to open the vaccine clinics appointments for Thursday & Friday this week for the vaccine we know we are definitely getting. As for Saturday & Sunday, we now know Sunday all day and Saturday afternoon clinics are now cancelled completely due to vaccine delivery being smaller than previously told. Also at present saturday morning is also on hold for now until we know for sure that the part of the delivery that is currently unknown if its is still coming or not. We have put it on hold so patients don't book in to only then be cancelled if the vaccine isn't allocated to our PCN. Once we know if we are still getting this part of our delivery we will then open up Saturday morning. If we are told we are not getting this part of the delivery then Saturday morning will be cancelled from the rota.
If anyone had volunteered to work any of the days that have now been cancelled please accept our apologies as we dont like messing people around and letting them down. We know all our volunteers are so excited to help and be involved and we really appreciate it. If you were not able to help us this week there will be future clinics where you can help out.
Our last care home is being done this weekend. So that will be all our care home patients here at Almond Road done by the end of Jan 2021.
So that is the news for today. We now have roughly 36 hours till our first vaccine clinic this week. So if you have had an invite please book asap and grab yours whilst you can. Plus we like to see full clinics as we don't wish to waste any vaccine with unfilled clinics.
I will catch up with you all again tomorrow. Have a good evening everyone.


PLEASE DO NOT RING THE SURGERY our lines are being tied up today by loads of patients ringing to try to book covid vaccines due to the wording of my post yesterday seems to have caused much confusion about who is or who is not eligible to have a vaccine at the present time. The only cohort eligible at the present time is the over 70s and the Shielding patients. . We can not move onto the next invite cohort until the over 70s and shielding patients have booked or declined. We are not doing the clinically vulnerable category that would normally be eligible for a flu jab. They are cohort 6 and we are only doing cohort 1 to 4 at present.
So sorry for any confusion this may have caused as this was not my intention


Sadly nothing much has changed since Friday.
If anyone has a relative who is 70 or above or they falls into the clinically vulnerable group (aged 18 - 69) and are registered at Almond Road and has not been contacted yet to book their vaccine could you please assist them and get them to contact the surgery to book asap. We are can not move onto the next invite cohort until the over 70s have booked or declined.
We have tried to ring so many people today on either landline or mobiles who have just not been answering their phones or the mobiles are turned off. We have over 100 patients who have a mobile number who have not responded yet. So if you know of someone who falls into this group could you give them a little prompt for us please. thank you.
The number of days we will be running the vaccine clinics this week has changed from 6 days to 3.5 days. The vaccine clinic days this week will be Thursday 28.1.21 to Lunchtime on Sunday 31.1.21. Our PCN is receiving less vaccines than previously advised. This makes me happy as i get to keep my staff on site for Monday 1.2.21 and Tuesday 2.2.21 which means i don't have to run a skeleton crew those days. We will still be vaccinating approx 4000 patients in the 3.5 days.
Volunteers - we now have some admin / computer role available as well as the normal volunteer roles. so if you have interested in volunteering to help out at the Little Paxton Hub then please send you name, number and email address to
Thank you so much to all the Volunteers who helped out in the last few days. Plus a massive thank you to all the ones that still turned up in the snow yesterday we really appreciate all of our volunteers and can not express our thanks enough.
So i will end todays update and wish you a good evening. Keep warm and keep safe.


So here i go with the news of the day again.
We have sold out and booked all vaccine appointment slots for our vaccine sessions upto and including Sunday. Thank you all so much for your amazing response. So between the two vaccine hubs of Alconbury and Little Paxton that will be approx 6000 patients having been vaccinated in 5 days by the time we get to the end of the day on Sunday. Even that number makes me go wow.
So what next - the next vaccine session are already on the system ready to go we are just waiting for the CCG send the invites out. We will be vaccinating over 6 days this time including the weekend again. The next vaccine sessions are next week, from Thursday 28 Jan 2021 to Tuesday 2 Feb 2021. At the minute the CCG has got both sites down as giving the vaccination to another 6000+ patients for next week. This may change as they may send us less as we are struggling to maintain the number of admin and clinical staff to man the site at the levels needed to do that many vaccines as well as trying to man and run our normal everyday service at our practice. The staff are working 7 days a week at present and we want to prevent them burning out so we can continue provide a robust GP service to you. . Wish i could cut the staff in two but i think i might get in trouble if i did lol.
Which groups will be invited to next week's clinics - we still have the rest of the 70-74s to finish off, thats approx 100 more patients who have not booked yet. Then it's the clinically extremely vulnerable. Followed by Group 5, the over 65s, but we have to wait for the CCG to sign off on the invites for Group 5 being sent out and they haven't done this yet. So watch this space, i will let you know when i know.
Care Home patients - are being done this weekend by Dr Wrigley plus another member of the practice team, We have 10 homes to do that are registered with Almond Road so i think he might have a rather busy weekend.
I need to take this opportunity to ask our patients to please be nice to our receptionist as in the last couple of days they have been taking a lot of verbal abuse from stroppy, offensive, aggressive, angy and overly demanding patients this week. I know we are all fed up with this pandemic and frustrated by things, but please my staff are working their little socks off to look after you. Please be kind. Thank you.
Stay safe everyone and be kind to each other we can do this, we can get through this and we can come out the other side.
Enjoy your weekend. Think i might be working again sadly. But hey ho it will be worth it in the end. Here at Almond Road our patients and their care is what it's all about.


Sorry if anyone got a bit wet today, sadly we can not control the weather. Thank you all for still turning out. The next few days may be getting a bit colder but if the last 2 days are anything to go by there has hardly been a queue at all.
New for today - the invites for 70-74 years have gone out. So we are on priority cohort 3 already and it's only week 1.
Housebound patients - There is a special team being put together by CPFT. It will not be our district nursing team. So plan are in motion to get this group of patients done but sadly we do not have a date for them to start yet. When i know this information of course i will update you all. The one thing we do know is that we have been informed that only the registered Housebound patient will be done by this team. So anyone else in the house, even if they are the patients carer, will not be done. So please don't ask as they will not be able to do this for you. The vaccination team for housebound patients will only have the exact number of vaccines with them for the housebound patients they are visiting that morning or afternoon.
Carers - when it is time for you to have your invite? No date yet as these fall into priority cohort 6, but seeing as we are already on Cohort 4 that should not be too far away. We found out today that "Caring Together" have offered to send someone out to look after the person you care for so you can go to your vaccine appointment. This is great news. So when you have your invite please contact them to help you. If you don't have their contact details you can either look them up on the internet or ring the reception team and ask for their contact details.
See you all tomorrow for the next update as we now have our next vaccine delivery date so there will be more information to follow very soon about when that it and which cohorts will get their invites.
Right i am now off for a rest as i've worked 11 days straight now and its not letting up. But it feels so good to be helping to get our patients finally vaccinated. The sofa is calling. Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.


So we did it, we went live and apart from the Little Paxton Bridge being closed everything went smoothly and patients had very little wait in any.
Dr Wigley and our ANP Tina McPherson were on site today jabbing patients. This picture is the photo of the very first covid-19 given to our patients. This patient kindly gave consent for their photo to be used and we thank them very much for that.
We have almost got through contacting our 75-79 yr olds now, we just have the ones who have not responded to their text message to work through. As we ring those people to make sure they dont miss out.
We have asked the CCG today permission for them to allow us to invite the 70-74 yr old cohort. So watch this space for an update on that.
Also tomorrow i have a very early morning meeting to update / discuss the Housebound patients. So also watch this space for an update on this one to.
Keep staying safe everyone.


Hi all, sorry for lateness of todays update but i am still working and it has been a very crazy manic day. I think the phone now has my ear imprinted on as i have been on it all day, and solving last minute hiccups.
So tomorrow we go live and the very first vaccinations take place. Its been a very hard last 5 days to get us to this point but this is it jabbing commences. i am sure staff will find this quite a emotional monumental day as we can finally do something positive to help our patients during this pandemic.
What's new - well today the invites went out by text message to the 75-79 yr old cohort asking them to book appointments. They will be able to book into the clinics over the next 5 days as well as the over 80s for Almond Road Surgery who have now all booked. Well done our over 80s patients.
75-79 yr olds who do not have a mobile phone will receive a call shortly as we need to get day one out the way first.
The surgery will be left with a skeleton crew on the admin side. So please be nice to the reception team is they take a bit longer to answer the phone as we do have to be in two places at once.
We will still have our Sit & Wait session daily during these vaccine clinic days as well as ANP & routine GP appointments. Our nurse will be at the vaccine hub on Thursday so sadly no nurse appointments / queries will be available that day.
So here we go everyone, keep your fingers crossed for us.


As you all know the invites went out at the weekend and the clinics started filling up. There was a bit of a disaster at the central appointment booking service and we discovered our patients without mobile numbers were not being called until IT could resolve the problem. So I would like to extend a very big thank you to our own Dr Wrigley, his wife & daughter who worked all day yesterday ringing our patients without mobiles to book appointments for them.
What can i tell you new today, well i can provide you all with details concerning parking facilities / arrangements at Little Paxton Surgery.
Due to the logistics of the site I have been informed that the car park will be closed / not in use for parking any vehicles as they don't have enough parking spots. I hear you ask "so what are we to do?" The plan is to allow drop off at the surgery only. Then the vehicles / cars will need to leave the site and come back once the patients has had their jab and is ready to be collected.
I was wondering how this would work so i asked the question for you. They have assumed that someone will be able to drop you off or that you can park near by and walk. I know this is not perfect but the Dumbelton Centre have been doing something very similar.
If you do have someone who can drop you off how do they know if you're ready to be collected. I would instruct them to come back no sooner than 30 mins from when you are dropped off. As they arrive at the car park to collect you they will need to ask the Car Park Marshall if you are ready to be collected and they will use their walkie talkie to find out for you. If they are not ready you may have to leave and come back again in say 10 mins.
Of course if the patient and drop off person have mobile phones this is even easier as the patient can just ring their drop off person and say i am ready come and get me.
Sorry everyone i know a drop off is not a perfect solution but we have to work with the site logistics and if we did parking on site we could be in the position of the car park and road potentially being gridlocked.
I have sadly seen the news that they forecast heavy rain and possibly snow. Now that would not be great. So i suggest you keep an eye on the weather for the day you have an appointment booked. Plus to keep an eye out to see if Little Paxton Bridge is closed or not.
As with Flu please wear layers that are easily removed and you need to ensure they can have access to the very top of your arm near the shoulder as that is the point you will be jabbed. When i went to have mine i was surprised at how much higher up the arm it is compared to the flu jab.
See you all soon for your vaccinations.


There has been problems with the central booking team not being able to access patients for any of the practices in our PCN. Which sadly means they have not been able to ring patients who do not have a mobile phone.
So we here at Almond Road have tried to resolved this.
Our plan is that today we have a small team of 3 people / staff who will personally try to work through the list and ring people.
Once we have gone down the list of patients who don't have a mobile phone we will move to the list of patients who have a mobile phone but have not booked yet.
It is very unlikely we will get through everyone today but you never know.
Therefore it would be very helpful that when you get a call if you could refrain from asking questions or anything else. Please just let them speed through the booking your appointment bit and then let them move onto the next patients.
We would be so grateful for your assistance with this so we can get to everyone by phone to book them in as fast as we can.
Thank you and keep staying safe.


We are live with booking appointments.
I can see them filling up the screen from the central booking appointment team as i type this good news to you all.
So watch out for your text message or phone call your turn will come. It's the over 80s for the clinics next week.
Remember they have 1000's to ring and book in so please be a little patient as they will get to you.
Have a good weekend everyone.

COVID-19 VACCINE - UPDATE 15.1.2021 (2) @ 22:59

Late night update for you all. I have just checked the computer system and i can see the sessions have been put on to the special covid vaccine appointment booking system for Wed 20.1.21 to Sun 24.1.21.
I can see the first and last appointment times for those days. I will not say what they are in case the first and last appointment time change as i dont want to confuse you by telling you something and then changing it the next time i update you all.
We know people are manning the central appointment booking hub all weekend and Monday. So from this i can assume, i am hoping this is true but please dont hold me to it in case i am wrong, that some lucky patients may well be getting an invite as early as sometime tomorrow. But like i said dont hold me to it as i have not been told officially. Remember they have 1000's of patients to contact for all 5 sites and 4 days to do it. So your turn will come but you may have to wait till Sunday through to Tuesday to be contacted. If you dont get an invite please wait we will get to you and dont ring the surgery as we cant book the appointments for you only the central booking hub can book the appointments and they ring you not the other way around.
I have a feeling i have now made you all excited like children waking up on christmas morning hoping santa has been. 😊
Sleep tight and lets see if the weekend brings you all the news / invite you have all been waiting so eagerly for.
stay safe everyone.


Lots of meetings today and sadly not much of it i can feed back to you as it was mostly logistics etc. We have so many hoops to jump through. You would not believe the red tape in setting up a vaccination hub to deliver Covid-19 vaccine to our patients. Flu is a doddle compared to this.
We are still frantically working towards next week, the sessions are almost completely planned. Then we just need to man them with the correct number of staff and the relevant many roles needed to run a covid vaccination hub smoothly.
Go live is still planned for Wednesday 20 Jan 2021. I have tried all day to find out for you all when the invites are likely to start going out but without much luck. So all i can advise you is that the invites should start going out over the next 4 days. So if you are over 80 years of age keep an eye on your mobile phone for a text message if you have one or listen out for a phone call from the appointment central booking team.
When you have your vaccination you will be asked to take a seat in a designated socially distanced room and wait 15 mins before being able to leave. We just need to make sure you are fine and dont have any reaction.
If on the day you have your appointment and the Little Paxton bridge is closed due to flooding please allow extra time to get to the Little Paxton Surgery as you will need to allow time for the detour. Fingers crossed that does not happen.
If anything happens over the weekend i will be back on to update you otherwise i will update again on Monday.
Keep Well, Stay Safe and enjoy your weekend.


Sorry the daily update is late today but its been a manic day planning, sorting, co-ordinating, organising and i am still at it now and maybe for a few more hours yet.
So we are all go for next week. It looks like vaccination sessions will be running from Wed 20 Jan 2021 through to Sun 24 Jan 2021. We will be jabbing at both sites on all 5 days. so it will be a very busy 5 days by the end of which we should have got the vast majority of our over 80s vaccinated with their 1st vaccine.
There is no choice of vaccine as we dont know what the CCG will be sending us. So please be prepared to have the vaccine you are given. Waiting for the vaccine of your choice is not going to be an option as we get what we get given from the CCG / NHSE.
I have a meeting with the 4 other Practice Managers and our PCN Manager tomorrow so i will hopefully be able to let you know things like when you are likely to get a invite. Remember do not ring us or the surgery. The plan is that patients will either receive a sms invite with a link included to book or our central team will be ringing patients to book over the phone. At present i dont know when this will start but using logic it will have to be within the next 5 days.
Right back to the grindstone for me lots more sorting to do. Will see you all tomorrow for the next update.
Exciting times as we are finally moving forward.
Stay Safe.


Why you have to wait for your COVID-19 vaccine

Updated 13 January 2021


  1. Eligible groups
  2. I am in one of the listed groups, why do I have to wait?
  3. Where you can get the COVID-19 vaccination
  4. If the centre you are offered is not easy to get to
  5. Can I pay for a COVID-19 vaccine privately or at a pharmacy?
  6. Further information

People most at risk from the complications of COVID-19 are being offered the vaccine first.

In the UK, there are 2 approved COVID-19 vaccines. They both require 2 doses to provide longer-lasting protection. Both have been shown to be effective in clinical trials and have a good safety record.

An independent group of experts has recommended that the NHS first offers these vaccines to those at highest risk of catching the disease and of suffering serious complications or dying from COVID-19. This includes older adults in care homes and frontline health and social care workers.

When more vaccine becomes available, the vaccines will be offered to other people at risk as soon as possible.

Eligible groups

You should have the vaccine when it is offered if you are:

  • living in a care home for older adults
  • a frontline health care worker
  • a frontline social care worker
  • a carer working in a care home for older residents

Then the vaccine will also be offered in age order to:

  • those aged over 80 years
  • those aged over 75 years
  • those aged over 70 years
  • adults on the NHS shielded patient list
  • those aged over 65 years
  • adults under 65 years with long-term conditions (see conditions below)

Those aged 50 to 64 will be offered it later. 

Clinical conditions list:

  • a blood cancer (such as leukaemia, lymphoma or myeloma)
  • diabetes
  • dementia
  • a heart problem
  • a chest complaint or breathing difficulties, including bronchitis, emphysema or severe asthma
  • a kidney disease
  • a liver disease
  • lowered immunity due to disease or treatment (such as HIV infection, steroid medication, chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
  • rheumatoid arthritis, lupus or psoriasis
  • have had an organ transplant
  • had a stroke or a transient ischaemic attack (TIA)
  • a neurological or muscle wasting condition
  • a severe or profound learning disability
  • a problem with your spleen, example sickle cell disease, or you have had your spleen removed
  • are seriously overweight (BMI of 40 and above)
  • are severely mentally ill

At the same time as the adults under 65 years with long-term conditions the vaccine will also be offered to:

  • adults who provide regular care for an elderly or disabled person
  • younger adults in long stay nursing and residential settings

Please wait your turn. If you are not in the groups above, you will have to wait for a COVID-19 vaccination until more supplies are available. When more vaccine becomes available we will be offering it to more groups of the population.

I am in one of the listed groups, why do I have to wait?

The COVID-19 vaccines will become available as they are approved for use and as each batch is manufactured. So every dose is needed to protect those at highest risk. You will be called in as soon as there is enough vaccine available.

Some people who are housebound or live in a care home and who can’t get to a local vaccination centre may have to wait for supply of the right type of vaccine. This is because only some vaccines can be transported between people’s homes.

Where you can get the COVID-19 vaccination

Vaccines will be offered in a range of settings. Some vaccination teams will visit people to offer the vaccine, for example in care homes, other people may have to go to the nearest centre. Because some of the vaccine has to be stored in a very low temperature freezer, you may not be able to get the vaccine in your normal GP surgery.

If the centre you are offered is not easy to get to

Please try to attend the vaccination centre you are offered. If you cannot attend that centre you may have to wait to get the vaccine in a more convenient location.

Can I pay for a COVID-19 vaccine privately or at a pharmacy?

The COVID-19 vaccination is only available through the NHS to eligible groups and it is a free vaccination.


Just to let you all know there is no new news for me to update you all with today.
We find out in the next day or so when our first delivery will be.
stay safe everyone.


Things are still moving forward for next week and it is planning like mad here just to get all our ducks in a row to go live next week.
So what has changed since yesterday that i can feedback to the patients.
The only thing that is new that concerns patients at present is which vaccination location our patients will be attending. As mentioned before there are 2 vaccinations sites, Little Paxton Surgery and Alconbury Surgery. Which site our patients will go to has been based on geographical location within the area of all practices in our PCN group. So the good news is our patients will be going to Little Paxton Location to have their jabs.
That's it for today folks, the rest of the information is for us / me to deal with as a practice to make this work for you all.


The 2 designated vaccination sites of Little Paxton Surgery and Alconbury surgery are being inspected and hopefully signed off today as suitable sites for the Covid Vaccination Clinics for our PCN group.
Preliminary estimated timing of first vaccine clinic will be middle to end of next week, once we have delivery confirmed.
Staff are training like crazy and sadly the phone lines have gone crazy too as the government and 119 incorrectly telling patients to ring their surgeries about the vaccine. Please dont ring us we will ring you when its your turn.
That is all i have new right now. I will be attending meetings / webinars all week and working with my fellow Practice Managers from the other 5 sites in our PCN to get this organised and all in place for you all asap.
Keep staying safe everyone.


No real news today except our PCN has a small working group who are frantically working on the details / logistics etc.
We have to get a lot of infrastructure to get installed and in place in our PCN designated sites in a very short space of time. Staff have to be trained and signed off on new computer systems that have to be used for the giving of the Covid Vaccine. We also have to train the staff in the giving of the actual vaccine which has to be done in a specific way. Lots of learning for our staff to do all through next week on top of our day job.
There is so much to be done in just a matter of days rather than weeks or months, so please bear with us as we may have to change your routine appointments at short notice to accommodate Covid Vaccine clinics and freeing up staff to give you all the vaccine.
Our PCN has a big meeting on Tuesday that should hopefully give me a lot more information to pass on to you all.

COVID-19 VACCINE - UPDATE 7.1.2021 (2)

We are pleased to advise that our Primary Care Network (Alconbury & Brampton, Buckden & Little Paxton, Kimbolton, Almond Road and Wellside Surgeries) have agreement to participate in the Covid vaccination delivery programme for our patients.
It is anticipated that we will offer this service from both Alconbury and Little Paxton Surgeries as community hubs and we hope to be able to start vaccinating in the next 2-3 weeks.
what action do you need to take right now.
Firstly - please do not ring the surgery and tie up the lines as they have no further information to give you
Secondly - we are not booking any appointments yet as we dont even know when we will get any vaccine.
Lastly - If you are in one of the top 4 priority groups for vaccination and we do not have a current mobile phone number for you then please help us by emailing your mobile phone number along with your name, date of birth, address and agreement for us to communicate via text message to
This will facilitate being able to make an appointment for your vaccination at the appropriate time. If you do not have a mobile phone then we will still make sure you are contacted regarding your appointment.
As per the NHS England advice please do not contact us about the vaccine at the moment, you will be contacted as soon as it is possible to arrange your vaccination.
We are currently planning the delivery of this service and the situation is changing on a daily basis. We would like to reassure you that we are keen to see that the coronavirus vaccination is offered to our patients as soon as possible.
We thank you for your ongoing support and patience.


I will try to put on a daily update regarding the covid vaccine for our patients even if the news is no different to the day before just to keep you all in the loop.
The press today announced that GP practices will start giving the Oxford vaccine from today. That may be the case for some practices in the country but not for us sadly. At this moment in time we are awaiting information from the CCG about when vaccines we be made available for our patients. So we have no further information for you on this at present.
You may or may not be aware that the vaccines will be given by your PCN (Primary Care Network) at a designated site. This designated site may not be your GP surgery but another in the area covered by your PCN. So you may have to travel a little further to get your vaccine. This is how the government have chosen to ask GP's to work.
There are further meetings / webinars going on today and we will update you as fast as we can once we know ourselves.


Covid Vaccine Update.
After Boris's announcement last night I am sure you all wish to know what is happening.
Currently the practice is keen to get our patients vaccinated. At the present time we are awaiting guidance from NHSE and our CCG.
Once we have more information we will update your via this page.
What we ask is please do not tie up the surgery lines with questions regarding when you will be vaccinated and what is happening as the staff have no more information to give you other than what is on this page.
The over 80s will be getting a phone call invite and asked to attend a hospital to receive their vaccine. This is being coordinated centrally with no control or influence from our practice sadly. So please wait your turn patiently.
Each category will be done in order as previously laid out by the government.
Our surgery is not able to provide the Pfizer vaccine due to the logistics involved in its provision and our premises doesn't fill the criteria to be a designated site for the Pfizer vaccine.
We are awaiting further information on the Oxford vaccine as well as guidance from NHSE and the CCG about how and when this vaccine can be delivered at practice level or whether it will be done at central hubs.
There are many discussions, webinars and emails this week regarding this and please be assured that when we know more we will update you accordingly.
Once again please do not tie up the surgery lines with questions regarding the vaccine as we need to keep the lines available for patients who need our help medically right now.
Thank you

COVID-19 VACCINE - UPDATE - 9.11.2020

Headlines last week spoke of “Covid vaccine by Xmas from GPs”. What does this mean for me?

 Whilst we certainly would want to be involved in any vaccination campaign, we don’t have any information ourselves yet and contrary to media reports no ‘deals’ have yet been done, but we expect more information soon.

 Will you be getting paid to vaccinate us? 

 GPs hold a contract with the NHS to provide certain services. The money from that contract pays for the building, the heating and electricity, the nurses, receptionists and staff, clinical equipment and a variety of other expenses that go with providing services to patients.

 If the government wants GPs to do something new, (e.g. deliver a new vaccine) it will buy that service from the GP to pay for the extra staff, clinics and hours to cover expenses. It is very unlikely that GPs will make a profit out of the Covid vaccine. Based on current information they may make a loss, but recognise that it is the right thing to do for their patients and communities.

 But what we don’t know, if what we might have to consider stop doing, to free up time to provide this vaccination service, given that we are working at 150% compared with this time last year, according to our LMC’s survey.

 But isn’t it just like a flu jab?

 No, not by a long stretch.

 Flu jabs are delivered in their own little syringes, and kept refrigerated. They can safely last in a vaccine fridge for several months. We can keep them and use them, either in dedicated flu clinics or opportunistically if we see you for something else. We can run the clinics a bit like a conveyor belt, as I’m sure many of you will have experienced. We can get a large number of people vaccinated in a very short period of time.  People then leave the practice immediately. Once a year, job done. 

 So what’s different about a new Covid vaccine compared with the flu jab?

 These new vaccines are not yet ready, and we don’t know when they will be. They are completely different. They need to be stored frozen in special dry ice, colder than a home freezer (about -70°C). Surgeries don’t have those freezers. So they will be delivered whilst they are defrosting for use. However they can only be stored in a vaccine fridge for a few days before expiring.  They don’t come in their own little syringes. We will have to carefully draw them up from a main vial, dilute and mix them for each individual which will probably take from start to finish about 20 minutes, needing two members of staff (one to draw up, one to check - this is established safe practise with these preparations to minimise error). Once the patient has received their Covid-jab they must wait for 15 minutes to ensure no serious reaction -these vaccines are brand new, and whilst there is a huge regulatory framework to ensure their safety, we will have to take extra care.  This in itself will be difficult as we have to maintain social distancing and we don’t know how quickly these clinics will take place. It will be nowhere near as quick as a flu clinic.

 Will this be at my local GP surgery?

 To begin with, NHS England thinks that areas will have one central Covid-jab centre. This might be in a local practice. It might be yours, it might not. You may have to travel. How the chosen centre will continue to look after its patients ongoing and urgent health needs, we don’t yet know. No details of those plans have been shared yet.

 Is it just one jab?

 No. You will need two. They will be 3-4 weeks apart but you must not have had any other vaccinations in the previous week. 

 How many patients will get it the vaccine when it’s ready?

 Government says it wants 40 million people vaccinated (that’s 80 million appointments). Putting that into context, every year there are 40 million A&E attendances and 360 million GP appointments. This is going to take a long time. There are no spare GPs or practice nurses. We don’t yet know how we are going to plan for this on top of what we are doing now - managing hundreds of acute and chronic patients every day: on the phone, over video and being brought into the surgery by invitation.

 Will it be available by Christmas?

 No one knows. But if it is, there will be a very small number of doses and we think the Government might suggest protecting Care Home residents first. 

 Whatever you read in the paper or online, don’t forget - this is going to be very difficult. We need to make sure there is a safe system and a safe vaccine first.

 Even when it comes, it won’t prevent Covid, it will only make its effects milder. So please bear with us - we are in the dark too. 

 And there is still every reason to think ‘Hands, Space, Safe’ for a long time to come.

 Keep safe.


CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 27.05.2020 (2)

Notice To Patients

We are asking all patient who attend the surgery during this current situation to wear a face covering / mask. Face coverings are things like scarves for example. Face coverings / mask must stay on at all times covering both your nose and mouth whilst attending the surgery.

We are also adhering to strict social distancing when arriving, leaving and during your visit.

Please help us to help you to keep safe.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - 27.05.2020 (1)

“This practice is supporting vital coronavirus (COVID-19) planning and research by sharing your data with NHS Digital. For more information about this see: 






If you are self-isolating and require a certificate for your employer please download the document from the link below:

Medical Cert for employer Covid-19

For the foreseeable future the surgery will not be offering all of our routine services, in an attempt to protect our patients and staff from Coronavirus















We appreciate that this will cause disruption but hope that you understand the necessity for these changes

Disruption to Normal Services

For the foreseeable future the surgery will not be offering all of our routine services, in an attempt to protect our patients and staff from Coronavirus.

Where possible use the NHS App

Please do not attend the surgery without telephoning in advance

The surgery doors will be locked and access will only be possible if you have an appointment

All appointment requests will be triaged over the telephone by a doctor or nurse practitioner - if you need to be seen at the surgery we ask that you don’t bring anyone with you unless this is essential

We intend where possible to manage your problem via the telephone or using video consultations

You will not be able to book a face to face appointment via Sytmonline or Doctorlink

Repeat prescriptions can be requested by posting your request through the front door or electronically via the NHS App or email and will be managed in the usual way and will be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice

Essential nursing work such as dressings, some blood tests, injections and immunisations will continue but you should cancel your appointment if you have any symptoms of coronavirus.

If you are required to self-isolate you do not require a fit-note

If you are self-isolating and require a certificate for your employer please download the document from the link below:

Medical Cert for Employer Covid-19.pdf