Visiting our practice?  Please continue to wear a face covering and social distance

All of our COVID-19 secure measures remain in place and this will not change when Government guidance changes on 19 July 2021.

Patients are asked to continue to wear a face covering, unless they are exempt, and to follow social distancing when visiting our GP Practice. 

This follows the national Infection Prevention Control (IPC) Guidance for all healthcare settings and will help to ensure the safety of our staff and patients at all times.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Please wear a face covering when visiting Almond Road Surgery.

 Help keep yourselves and others safe by wearing a face covering at all times in this healthcare setting.

 This is a mandatory requirement, unless you are under the age of 11 or have a medical condition which provides exemption.

 As we are your GP practice, please help our team by allowing them time to check your records or speak with a doctor on site, if there is a query. If it is determined that it is safer for you to wear a face covering, please comply with our wishes – this is primarily to protect you and your loved ones.  

 Our care for you, your wellbeing and the safety of our team in continuing to care for our community will always be our priority.

 You can continue to access our services remotely, safely and securely, wherever you are by:

  • Telephoning us
  • Visiting our website and using our online consultation tool
  • Telephoning 111 or visiting www.111.nhs.uk

 Thank you for your ongoing support

Covid-19 Vaccine - Updates

For all information and updates regarding anything Coronavirus and Covid-19 Vaccines please click the Banner titled "Coronavirus - Click Here For Important Information". This is located under the Contact us Details on this home page of our website. This will then take you to our everything Coronavirus related page. 

Flu 2020 - Will be very different this year - Patients please read

You may have heard the news about this year’s flu vaccine campaign.

 Cards on the table... this year will be a TOUGH year for practices delivering flu vaccines.


 We are still geared up for another Covid-19 rise.

 We will be doing vaccinations in PPE meaning changes between patients and cleans of the environment between patients.

 All that PPE has to be ordered, stored, shared out, restocked, disposed of.

 We need to maintain social distancing between patients, so no more crowded waiting rooms with a lovely catch up from others in your community.

 Social distancing means we have to make innovative use of our buildings, with one way in, one way out. Where that’s not possible, practices may look to hold clinics in community centres, town halls, supermarket car parks.

 A change of venue would mean notifying CQC, arranging cold chain (to keep the vaccines cold), and LOTS of planning.

 The additional group of people means lots more vaccines needed: practices order the vaccine a year ahead, so we now need to rely on NHSE / Public Health England to supply additional stock.

 Everything takes longer: PPE, cleaning, social distancing. So a clinic for 1000 people which used to be done in 3 hours could now take 8.

 The staff that deliver the vaccines and the administrators who support them in the clinics are already working flat out during the week, and now face the prospect of working additional long shifts at the weekends.

 The number of Housebound patients has increased with some patients still needing to shield, and home visits for them take much longer and are much more risky for the staff.

 Many practices are running on reduced work force as they have shielding staff, or staff who cannot see patients face to face due to their own risks.

 Thank you for reading this far.

 You may ask what is the point of this post? The main point is we found out this information the same time as you did, and although we have lots of ideas, there is still lots we need to work out, so please don’t ask to book in yet!

 We WILL let you know by text, Facebook, website or letter what the plan is.

 It WILL be very different this year.

 We WILL do our best as we always do.

 We are grateful for your support- please do share as every practice is in the same position.

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